For those dark winter nights

Hughenden Manor is a grand stately home in the heart of Buckinghamshire, England. It was the home of Victorian Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli and his wife, Mary-Anne.

One day, while researching the history of the place, I came across the story of Disraeli’s ghost, which allegedly haunted the manor and…

A brilliant new way of treating cancer is under development

Most of us know someone who’s gone through chemotherapy and suffered the side effects. It’s no secret that chemotherapy can be devastating. But with limited options for treating cancer, it’s still a major part of society’s medical arsenal at the moment.

However, things might be changing. New research released by…

A sensible precaution or has society gone mad?

Warwick University has banned ‘trigger warnings’ on their literature and drama courses, because the phrase alone can trigger bad memories.

Such warnings are commonly used to alert someone to content that might be upsetting, if it explores issues such as racism, homophobia or violence, for example.

Emma Webb, Political Commentator…

Susie Kearley

Freelance writer, author, animal lover. Qualified in nutrition, psychology, marketing, MBA. I cover writing, animals, history, travel, health, wellbeing & more.

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